Refrigerated Strip Curtains


Strip curtains are a cost-effective way to separate sections of refrigerated space. They create a partial barrier between warm and cold areas that helps save energy. Strip curtains allow for easy access between the two sections, while keeping dust and cool/warm air in its original area.

PVC strip doors and curtains, and plastic door curtains have a variety of applications to help make your space more efficient and productive. In a refrigerated loading dock, having plastic door curtains installed for each loading dock will help to reduce temperature loss while allowing for free movement of large quantities of products and materials.

Because strip curtains overlap, they act as a solid barrier when they are closed but can easily be passed through and return to their solid barrier state quickly. There are also special plastic door curtains that meet USDA requirements when dealing with meat, poultry and dairy products.


An incentive of $5 per ft2 of door opening is available for retrofits projects.


Average payback on investment after incentive is typically less than one year.